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The Pavilion, Rear Ground Floor Premises 221-227 High Street, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 4AZ
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Preventive Dentistry

We believe in maintaining your healthy smile with as little intervention as possible. Preventive dentistry is the pinnacle of gold standard dentistry and runs through the core of our clinic’s ethos.

Preventive dentistry
The conservation of your natural teeth is our aim, which is why we like to see you regularly to help you avoid cavities, gum disease, enamel wear, and other issues that can impact negatively the condition of your smile. This form of preventive dentistry may sound basic, but modern-day life can cause us to forget about regular trips to the dentist.

Preventive dentistry requires the careful nurture of healthy teeth and gums and our team of hygienists are perfectly placed to help you attain optimum health, whilst our dentists are here to offer treatments to enhance your smile. These particular specialists for preventive dentistry handle the realistic aspects of daily oral cleanliness. The advice given to our clients as part of preventive dentistry is realistic, considerate, and backed by years of experience and qualifications. We believe that preventive dentistry is a great method for educating people about just how effective minor changes can be.

Routine care at Eastgate Dental Clinic includes an oral evaluation, professional cleaning, and routine X-rays to help us diagnose any dental issues that cannot be seen by the naked eye. These thorough forms of preventive dentistry cover numerous areas, lowering the chances of further treatment. Our specialists are realistic, highly qualified, and above all, honest. We will not strive to misinform our clients, prompting them to seek further services and raising our profits. The information provided as part of our preventive dentistry will be accurate and realistic. We pride ourselves on honesty and working alongside our clients to reach a goal, whether it’s confidence boosting or health ensuring.

If you are looking to add sparkle to your smile in a tranquil setting, click here or request Preventive Dentistry by calling 01483 573 889

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