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Airflow Stain Removal

Airflow stain removal is one of the most cost-effective ways of transforming a smile. Whiter teeth can also give us a more youthful appearance – and turn back the clock on ageing and discoloured teeth.

Airflow stain removal, also known as ‘air-polishing’, is a treatment that can naturally whiten teeth, by blasting away extrinsic stains that have been caused by coffee, tea, red wine and nicotine and even certain medications.

We use Airflow stain removal, a treatment that uses revolutionary new technology to gently remove surface stains with air, water and a specialist fine powder that work together to brighten and refresh a smile. Airflow stain removal is a fairly simple procedure with huge results, boosting confidence for our customers.

Similar to a jet wash, airflow stone removal uses fine particles of specially formulated powders blast stains and debris from deep between the teeth and on the tooth surfaces. These areas of the mouth are generally missed or hard to reach with daily dental cleanliness, such as brushing. As these areas are missed, stains may begin to build or discolour teeth and can be extremely common, so don’t be alarmed as airflow stain removal is extremely successful.

The system is particularly effective around filling margins and will remove heavy surface stains and discolouration quickly and gently, leaving teeth looking whiter. Depending on your daily routine, diet and a number of other circumstances, discolouration may be more apparent for some and less of an issue for others. Even so, airflow stain removal is always a great option for said stains and discolouration.

The Airflow system helps to brighten and polish your teeth by removing soft plaque, stains, and soft deposits without harming your teeth. Airflow removes stains up to three times faster than traditional polishing systems. By completing a usually elongated process in a shorter space of time, airflow stain removal can save further expenses and travel times.

Your teeth will feel smoother and cleaner after an Airflow treatment.
We recommend that our hygienist remove the hard tartar or calculus prior to the Airflow polishing for best results.

Airflow is ideal if you are thinking about teeth whitening as well – after the procedure, the teeth are left clean, helping to maximise the effectiveness of bleaching.

If you are looking to add sparkle to your smile in a tranquil setting, click here or request Airflow stain removal by calling 01483 573 889

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