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Dentures Guildford

Dentures Treatment in Guildford

Dentures are a traditional and affordable way to replace missing teeth.

Replacing missing teeth are important for your oral health and your appearance. Modern-day dentures can help to improve the shape of your face, offering renewed support to your cheeks and lips – often restoring a more youthful appearance.

dentures guildford

These days, cutting-edge dental technology can ensure a quick turnaround time and a comfortable fit.

We strive to ensure your dentures feel and function as your own teeth and we will take time to ensure they sit snugly upon the gums without rubbing.

We offer a full denture for patients who have lost all the natural teeth in either the upper or lower jaw and a partial denture that fill gaps left by lost or missing teeth and that are attached to natural with metal clasps or precision attachments. Both are removable for your comfort and gum health.

Dentures FAQs

How long will my dentures last?

If treated well your dentures should last you for several years. Over time, your dentures may need to be relined, remade or rebased due to normal wear. See your dentist regularly for check ups during this time.

Do dentures hurt?

As false teeth are tailor-made to fit your mouth, they should not hurt. They do take some getting used to, and may feel a bit uncomfortable during the first three months as your gums and jawbone adjust to their new shape (if you had some teeth extracted before getting your dentures fitted). Once this period has passed, we may bring you back in to have your dentures relined or remade to fit the permanent shape of your gums.

How long before I get used to my dentures?

New dentures may feel a little awkward or uncomfortable for the first few weeks after getting them. Eating and speaking with dentures might take a little practice. A bulky or loose feeling is not uncommon, while the muscles of your cheeks and tongue learn to hold your dentures in place. Excessive saliva flow, a feeling that the tongue does not have adequate room, and minor irritation or soreness are also not unusual.

Do dentures look real?

Modern dentures are produced using cutting-edge technology that results in very natural-looking teeth and gums. We take precise measurements of your mouth and jaw in order to make sure the fit is exactly right, so you don’t need to worry about ending up with an overbite or wobbly dentures!

How to care for dentures

You should clean your dentures twice a day, just as often as you would your normal teeth – Follow your dentists instructions for how to clean them. Keep in mind that dentures can break if you drop them, so you should clean them over a bowl or sink filled with water, or something soft like a folded towel.

You should continue to see your dentist regularly if you have dentures (even if you have complete dentures) so they can check for any problems. Prevention is always better than a cure!

If you are looking to add sparkle to your smile in a tranquil setting, click here or request Dentures in Guildford by calling 01483 573 889

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