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Periodontal disease is the most common human disease in Europe. Eight out of 10 people aged 35 or over suffer from some kind of gum complaint. Its prevalence and gravity increase with age and contributing factors including smoking and obesity.


Periodontics focuses on the prevention of disease and oral inflammation, which is essential in controlling the oral complications associated with other diseases. By targetting these periodontal diseases, especially at the earlier stages of inflammation.

Control of periodontal infection and inflammation will improve your oral health, decrease the health risks caused by oral inflammation, improve general health, and may ultimately contribute to the reduction of disease elsewhere. By studying the structure of the patient’s teeth over a set period, we can view any alterations that may begin to bother that patient.

Gum treatment and curettage under local anaesthesia: Sometimes gum disease is difficult to address and, if bacteria goes deep into the pockets around your teeth, it can be hard to reach and clean. To counteract this, our specialists can use many different techniques to locate periodontal disease, such as x-rays. By using an x-ray as an example, a quick and easy scan that takes as low as two minutes to perform, early detections of periodontal disease are extremely popular.

Therefore, we recommend periodontal therapy to prevent gum disease from progressing, which may ultimately result in losing teeth if not addressed in time. The earlier periodontal disease is detected, the better. Although, being aware of gum disease can be easier said than done, as detection can be extremely difficult to the average eye. Usually, periodontal disease is found when a patient visits the dentist when a pain around the teeth begins to occur.

A minor surgical procedure might sometimes be necessary to complete the cleaning of the root surface – this is known as periodontal therapy or deep cleaning – and gets rid of the bacteria in the pocket to provides the necessary conditions for healing to occur.

Curettage or root planing is the process of smoothening the root surfaces and removing any infected tooth structure.

Root planing helps us to secure the longest possible retention of your natural teeth, keeping them in a healthy, functional and aesthetically acceptable and pain-free state.
To ensure your comfort, we offer this treatment using local anaesthesia.

You will also require regular follow up care for long-term success.
This involves:

  • Checking and improving your oral hygiene
  • Regularly measuring the probing depths and filling the pockets where necessary
  • Cleaning with Airflow
  • Scaling.

If you are looking to add sparkle to your smile in a tranquil setting, click here or request Periodontics by calling 01483 573 889

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