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Endodontic therapy is concerned with the inside structure of a tooth – the dental pulp and the tissues surrounding the roots – and the restoration back to the health of a tooth should it becomes infected.


Retreatment of root-filled teeth: Along with root canal therapy, we offer retreatment should the root canal treatment fail.

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure used to treat infected tooth pulp which would be otherwise extracted. The pulp is the soft tissue core of the tooth which contains nerves, blood supply and connective tissue necessary for tooth health. This is usually caused when bacteria enter the pulp through a deep cavity or failed filling.

Endodontic treatment is required when the dental pulp is irreversibly damaged and involves both coronal and apical pulp. Root canal treatment can also be carried out on teeth with doubtful pulpal state before placing post-retained crowns and overdentures. Root canal therapy is not only performed when pain relief from an infected or inflamed pulp is required. It is also done to prevent adverse signs and symptoms from the surrounding sequelae and promote the healing and repair of the surrounding periradicular tissues.

An example of which is if there is trauma to a front tooth which has caused it to be avulsed from the bony socket; endodontic treatment is required following re-implantation to preserve the aesthetics and function of the tooth, even though there may be no adverse symptoms of the dental pulp, or pain present at the time.

Sometimes, a tooth that has been treated fails to heal properly and can become painful or diseased months or even years after treatment. If your tooth failed to heal or develops new problems, you have a second chance.

An additional procedure may be able to support healing and save your tooth. If you have pain or discomfort in a previously treated tooth, talk to us about retreatment.

If you are looking to add sparkle to your smile in a tranquil setting, click here or request Endodontics by calling 01483 573 889.

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